About me

I'm Miklos Andrassy, born and still living here, in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. I've always been a visual type of guy, I enjoyed drawing and painting during my elementary school years and moved to computer graphics later on.

I started photography around 1990 as a kid, but this game turned into a serious hobby about ten years later. I've always been a fan of the digital-computer era so as digital photography came in I immediately fell in love with these new types of cameras. Of course my first digital camera was a toy compared to even the cheapest model available today, but in the millennium it was a rare and expensive little piece of the future.

I was really happy because my skills in computer graphics and digital cameras are tightly connected, so finally I was able to copy my photos directly from the camera to the computer to do the fine adjustments or other modifications or just to use the images in my designs.

I'm trying to keep photography as a hobby to myself, not converting it to a profession so I can enjoy it without any deadlines, stress and agenda. Of course I'm always open to new challenges and spare time photo shoots; I also do stock photography.

I enjoy almost any aspects of photo subjects, I have experience in object/product, nature, gastronomy photography, as well as wedding and studio photography.